Chris & Mike’s Big Holiday Adventure, III

Road trips are the equivalent of human wings.
~Victoria Erickson

When we drive across the country, we usually try to do it as quickly as possible, driving 8-to-12 hours, stopping overnight, driving, stopping, driving, stopping, arriving. This year, though, we wanted to make a few stops for more than one night to give us time to enjoy certain cities. We stayed in Little Rock two nights, for example, so we could tour the Clinton Presidential Library.                   

Mike & the Little Dude relaxing in Little Rock.

Except for spending a night in Ft. Smith on one of our trips a few years ago, we had never spent time in Arkansas.  My good friend, Sally, lived in Little Rock for some years after she got married, and she told me she could have lived there forever. I found it to be a friendly, sparkling town.

The topography really changes once you leave the plains of Oklahoma and enter Arkansas. Living in the desert, I tend to forget how many deciduous trees and bodies of water there are in the southeast.

The bridge that takes you from Arkansas-to-Tennessee, from West Memphis-to-Memphis, soars over the Mississippi River.

The bridge over the Mississippi

If you look at the photo above, you can see the state line marked on the bridge. Downtown Memphis is straight ahead, and to the left is the “Great American Pyramid,” the tenth-largest pyramid in the world. Once an arena, today it’s home to Bass Pro shops, a hotel, bowling alley, and more.

We’re spending the next few days in Nashville as we have some business to take care of here.  Once we rested for a bit, we headed to two of our favorite places—Jim & Nick’s for BBQ and McKay’s Used Bookstore—the BEST bookstore of any kind. Life is good.

Today is the 40th anniversary of a special date for us. I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

The Christmas Tree at McKay’s

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  1. Linda Sanborn

    That is the most spectacular tree ever, Chris. I attended my book club Christmas luncheon at Diane W. home and did the most fun book exchange today. I need so much time to read. Being retired is getting fun. This photo reminded me of how much I love words and want to know what’s in each book of that tree at McKays. Thanks for sharing. Happy Travels.

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