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When we moved to Atlanta in the 80s, I applied for a writing job at CNN where my husband was working at the time. The man who interviewed me told me that even though I was more than qualified, he couldn’t hire me because I had no experience. Right then and there, I decided to go out and get experience. These are a few of my latest articles and stories to appear in print.

Lady Luck Sign
Neon Museum at night

“As the population continues to grow, so do the offerings for residents and visitors alike. Today, there is something for everyone in Las Vegas. Check out these activities the next time you head our way…”

“Las Vegas: Five Sure Bets”          Food, Wine, Travel Magazine


BLVDS Magazine

“…We truly tailor our wines to every flavor and passion. We want to provide wines that are the most important for every guest—not just the fine dining crowd…”

“Wine All You Want”          BLVDS Magazine




Legs of Tumbleweeds, Wings of Lace

“…Books saved me, and I vicariously lived my young life through the colorful exploits of various heroines. I imagined sailing around the world in mismatched clothes like that wayfaring, worldly, wisecracking wild child, Pippi Longstocking…”

“Youngstown in My Rearview Mirror”          Legs of Tumbleweeds, Wings of Lace





New Madrid Journal of Contemporary Literature

“…Anyone who has written—poetry or prose—can identify with the elusive pieces that sit just out of reach—words that call, words that haunt, words that tease…”

“Review: Go to the Pine: Quoddy Journals, 2005-2010          New Madrid Journal of Contemporary Literature (page 133)






New Madrid Journal of Contemporary Literature

“…In a day when we can carry fifty or five-hundred books or songs on little handheld devices, the publication of a book only in hardcover, with accompanying records in vinyl, is unusual, but that’s the Third Man way. From the records to the posters to the book, every piece of art in Language Lessons is part of the essential aesthetic experience.”

“Review: Language Lessons, Volume I          New Madrid Journal of Contemporary Literature (page 132)





“…There were no rumbling cars. No roaring motorcycles. No blaring music. No shouting people. The rustling leaves and warbling birds were the welcome committee…”

“Picture Postcards”          Inquire




BLVDS Magazine

“If I had to choose one word to describe Donato Cabrera, music director and resident conductor of the Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra (LVPO), I couldn’t because, quite frankly, there are too many: Versatile. Talented. Accomplished. Artistic. Inspirational. Busy. Electric…”

“An Electric New Season”          BLVDS Magazine

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