GoodBye—A Poem by Riley Cutler

Goodbye, bush.
Goodbye, tree.
This is the last
You’ll see of me.

Goodbye, lizard!
Goodbye, flower.
Goodbye, church
With the red brick tower.

Goodbye, market
On Saturdays.
Goodbye, Rowdies
And goodbye, Rays.

Goodbye, Starbucks
Down the street.
Thanks for giving
Me a treat.

Goodbye, smoker
On floor two.
Is smoking all
You ever do?

Goodbye, semi-
Naked man
Continue working
On your tan.

Goodbye, lady
Who keeps your light
Blazing on
Both day and night.

Goodbye, people
In the park.
Goodbye window
Through which I bark.

Goodbye, Uncles
Don and Chuck
I’ll see you soon
With lots o’ luck.

Goodbye, Condo
and Elevator
I’m moving on;
I’ll see you later!

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