Through My Window, I

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
~Destin Sparks

For as long as I can remember, I have loved photography. During my last semester of college, I took my mother’s Instamatic back to school with me so I could shoot sunsets from my dorm window because I wanted to remember the red, pink, and orange that shone through my windows every afternoon. I still have one of the photos somewhere.

Ten years later, I was a student at Georgia State University studying photography with the great John McWilliams. When we moved to Columbus, I continued my studies at Ohio State and attended a summer program at the Maine Photographic Workshops. I loved working in the darkroom and watching images slowly materialize on paper. For years afterwards, I had my own darkroom at home. Digital photography changed all of that, though. No longer did we need to develop film or prints.

Man standing on rocky beach with sailboat in back
This Maine fisherman just stepped into my life for a short few seconds.

Today, everyone walks around with a camera in his/her pocket and, within them, hundreds and thousands of photographs. (Until I upgraded my phone recently, I had more than 16,500 photos on my phone.) We all use smartphones to capture and retain memories, I think, but to also keep them close.

I bring this up because I have a compulsion to shoot photographs…even—or especially—when I’m stuck in a car for 3097 miles for days. I told Mike as we were driving last weekend that I think everyone should have the opportunity to drive across a few states at some point to experience the expansive beauty of this country. (Well, maybe everyone should ride a train across country.)

I present to you, therefore, the sites I saw out of my window as we traveled from Florida to Ohio to Las Vegas (and points in between). NOTE: I shot all with an iPhone 11.

Apparently Gainesville doesn’t want drivers to park on I-75.
Back-up on I-70 near Springfield, Ohio

Tomorrow: Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and home….

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