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I attended the International Travel Goods Show this week and  found a number of new and exciting products that will help to make traveling easier and a little less stressful. You would not believe how many luggage companies there are (I stopped counting at around 70.), nor would you believe how many different travel pillows, bags (for women and me) eye shades, umbrellas (I found a GREAT one), and more.

Since so many people ask me for advice on packing and such, I'm in the process of redesigning the "My Favorites" page to include more in-depth product reviews

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Two and a half years ago, Frederico Bastiani founded Social Street, a means for the residents of his Bologna street to socialize and help each other. Today, there are more than 420 Social Streets across the globe.
Top Chef alum Brian Malarkey has opened a number of successful restaurants. His latest, Herringbone, opened to rave reviews in Las Vegas recently.
More and more people are going to language schools across in foreign countries. There are a number of items to consider before you take that step.
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