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Why, you may ask, meet "us?" Simple. We're a team, and Mike plays an important part in my travels. He takes some of the photos—and he may write something occasionally. Mostly, though, he's my straight man, my comic relief, my best friend, and an important part of my adventures.

“Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked
with your best friend is an adventure.”
                        ― Emily Wing Smith

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I (Chris) hold an MFA in creative writing from Murray State University (KY) which is appropriate since telling stories is my life. I founded The Las Vegas Memoir Project because I believe everyone has a story to tell. I teach memoir (LVMP) and grammar (UNLV), am managing editor of BLVDS Magazine, keep my husband and dog in line, and travel—especially to Italy—as often as I can.

Mike spent 35 years as a broadcast journalist working at local stations, CNN Headline News, and CNN. A graduate of Xavier University (Cincinnati), he received numerous awards for his work as a producer and television news director.  Since retiring in 2008, he's kept busy teaching for OLLI at UNLV and serving on the board of directors for OLLI and an HOA. When he can, he joins me on my adventures.

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  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
Ohio natives, Mike and I met when two of our college friends (who were dating) introduced us. They eventually broke up. We didn't. In the 30-some years since we married, we've lived all over the United States as Mike worked in the ever-changing television news business. He was lucky enough to retire early in 2008, and a year later, we packed up a honking big Penske truck and moved ourselves back to Las Vegas.

Mike insists he wouldn't travel as much if he hadn't married me. I tell him he's lucky he's not missing out on all of the fun.